This blog will comprise a collection of ephemera, mess and miscellaneous artifacts reflecting on the writer's life.

Monday, July 30, 2007

all the women my age

in new York have gray hair.
This is a revelation.
We came in on the milky Hudson (pictured)
New York from New Jersey
and wandered around Greenwich village, West Village and the meatpacking district.
We were very popular in Princeton and Kiara was so sad to see us go she got in the car (pictured).
Dog doesnt want us to leave!
Even better is working with the Princeton teachers on their artifacts of identity project.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am off

To New Jersey, and then New York, working with Jennifer talking to teachers and writing.
It is tense in our household as some of us are on the last chapter of Harry Potter 7.
Isabel grew up on Harry Potter, it was the book she read before it was famous, age 7 and it is very sad to see it go.
While I am away you can watch this.It is brilliant.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The relationship between

artefacts and personal identity is often described in sensitive ethnographic studies of home artefacts such as here.
However, when we were in the wonderful Leeds based education collection Artemis yesterday, I also wondered why we attach such significance to objects.
For example, in this project, people often lost artefacts, or didn't know where they were.
For example, these shoes in this picture came from the museum, as the original shoes (in which money was hidden on the way home from New York) had got lost, being last seen on the cellar steps.
Rather than talk about Materializing Sheffield, as here,
perhaps we should talk about De-Materializing Sheffield.
Just a thought.