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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

online shopping

is what you do when you are doing a really hard thing like writing a report for this organisation about what you did in clear and accessible language.

Obviously this is too hard so you have to go shopping.

Dr Joolz likes to shop here and so I take a look.

Daughter has just bought a tunic dress from here
(note: for those over 30, tunic dresses are to be worn WITH CAUTION).
However, I like these websites:

Tulip and Nettle are very arty, off beat and CHEAP.
I have told you before about this addiction, I think it is now beaten, thank god.
This website was picked up as my favourite by Literate it has fab dresses but is not cheap.
For reliable surfing and good in sales go to Toast and Boden.
Beware however, going too floral, purchasing halterneck tops and
embracing wholeheartedly the peasant look as it is NOT GOOD on older female academics.
But I have some quirky interests.
Gypsy caravans.
You have been warned.
Hopefully someone will write about online shopping which will be v. useful.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I have been haunting

Art Galleries this weekend in excited anticipation for our big event next weekend (3rd March Rotherham Art Gallery BE THERE).
First off is Ellen Bell at Leicester Art Gallery whose dictionary models spilled over when it came to the word home and went into Punjabi when the word marriage came up making me think that my idea of dialogic objects really makes sense.
Then Art into Abstraction in Sheffield which was wonderful, full of hanging lights and movies of Miami skyscrapers
I am also loving this album which was kindly given to me by one of our Professors
and this book which is preparation for my forthcoming visit to New York.
Can I also tell you I think this is a terrible blog. (But really funny).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

By popular demand

Dr Kate brings you the latest information on Fashion from London Fashion Week and also
Top Tips for your Spring wardrobes.
First off, is tulip skirts.

See the illustration here.
Men may hate them, this is not the point, they are in fashion.
You wear them with high heels and opague tights.
For more information see marvellous Jess Cartner-Morley explain all here.

Mine is a grey one (Selfridges sale right at the end when everything was 70%) and I love it.
Next, puffy sleeves.
Again, not popular with men, just ignore them as these are key.
I have a Peter Jensen dress which has huge sleeves which is excellent.

This is the actual dress as shown on the catwalk above.
Grey or neutral dresses is another key trend.
Luckily I have a grey and neutral one so I am relaxed on that score.

I hope you all follow my advice.

There are also some trends you should ignore at all costs.

Yellow, and

You have been warned.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There is something thrilling about

blogging on the train.
It must be the heady combination of Leonard Cohen and this wonderful book which is so inspiring.
Dr Joolz and I are madly publicizing our new course.
We have contacted these organizations:
The Basic Skills Agency
The National Literacy Trust
Skills for Life

and they are all happily helping us.
This reminds me of when I was a literacy outreach worker in Hammersmith.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Who would be a spy?

Molly will.
This is her list of Gagets and Acsores.

It is part of her computer game but it is good to see she has her career already PLANNED OUT.
Also, it is part of my ongoing fascination with the nature of narrative and how narrative is changing as computer games drive spatial design of stories.
Also, have you read Clarice Bean?
You should.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It is all happening

here at Sheffield.
First there are all these marvellous books everyone keeps bringing out.
Blink and you miss them.
Jackie Marsh's book with Eve is packed with wonderful chapters and
Colin and Michele's sampler is really enticing.
A must-have purchase, especially since me and Dr Joolz are devising the most exciting course ever.
It is an on-line course in new literacies and will be profoundly cutting edge.
Taking our cue from the ever hip world of craft it will invite students to fill in a patchwork quilt which is our map of knowledge and gradually make a wonderful sedimented pattern of meaning.
This remind me of my article to be published here with Jennifer on sedimented identities in texts.
Our on-line course will ofcourse be a trace of identity.
Everywhere you turn there will be
Tecky stuff
beauty tips
and ofcourse us, in glamorous poses.
Can't wait.
PS I am writing this ON THE TRAIN.