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Saturday, November 12, 2005

being Jewish

I have a secret longing to be Jewish like my friend Cheryl
(I am about 1 1/6th Jewish but I'd like it to be more)
here is a very Jewish mother poem for you:

Eve, in the morning

So God created man (sic) in his (sic) own image?
'Male and female he created them' Gensis 1:27

it was only a tree, for God's sake
a nice tree
nice shade, green, leaves
an apple

You eat one apple and they remember you forever;you
only want to be left in peace, make chutney, compote, dried apple rings
on a string

a snake? don't be silly
knowledge? you read too many Good books
naked? so I like the sun. I tan easy.

Hava. Eve. Me

Sarah, Abraham's wife, the mother of Israel?
Well, let me tell you
couldn't tell
my chicken soup
from hers

you work your ribs to the bone
setting up the human race
and do you get any thanks?
a nachtige tug you get thanks
for freezing in
a goddam garden

I was glad we had to move, get
a decent place
those ants everywhere
and I mean everywhere

well, I've got a lot of grandchildren now
a little too much begetting, maybe
but as long as they've got their health and strength

I was always a good mother
no-one can say I wasn't
a good mother.

Michelene Wandor

1 comment: said...

Love the poem. Though not Jewish, I am influenced, often, by Jewishness in my family. My visit to Israel has opened political as well as religious eyes. And a heart. But oh well, just commenting. ibrg