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Monday, January 30, 2006

Creative mess

I have writtten before here about the importance of recognising mess in creativity. Anya to my relief is being messy in her work, and I think it is very important to let things get into a kind of jumbly state and then slowly sort out the threads.
This week I have to do a Transparency Review for where I work which means neatly putting in what I do Hour by Hour by category of thing (research, teaching etc etc).
So far I have done this:
8.00 Ascertained that 2 kids were sick and placed them in front of TV with dressing gowns porridge etc.
8.20 Emailed student who poured wine over other student's dissertation (nameless both) and emailed Dr Joolz to say am willing to slavishly work on our joint chapter.
Made green tea.
Worried about blog
Fed cat
9.00 phoned both schools to report kids sick.
9.30 spent hours printing and photocopying articles for colleague I deeply admire in the US who wrote this brilliant book (rave rave)
10.00 Spent hours trying to understand Transparency review rules and then printing off categories.
This is only up till 10 and even regular blog readers will be yawning by now.
The point is that this is also NOT what I did.
I actually was thinking vaguely about homey touches, home ethnography, why I find it so hard to leave homes, how I did not manage to follow up a field visit, OR learn Turkish, and whether you can apply habitus to mess.
Thank god 1 child and ALL THE SYLVANIANS
went to school.


Joolz said...

All these brilliant blog posts DrKate... this blog is bloody brilliant. I love all the summaries and thoughts and museums and identity ideas and mess and I like the way you write.
This is so good you are blowing my mind.
I need to do more of this.

Joolz said...

I have tagged you with the four things meme.