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Monday, July 24, 2006

Check this out

here. It is hot in London and sweaty on the tube.
Molly and I are going to Sheffield and then to Rotherham today, which will be fun.
We will take the tram to Meadowhall.
My favourite place.

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Sheila Webber said...

I was on Midland Mainline today .. I like the biscuits they have. Was lucky with my weekend down in London as it was a bit cooler, the house in London gets like a tiny oven when it's hot and doesn't cool down much overnight.

I was thinking that as I don't read other people's blogs every day, I sort of get out of synch. For example - I thought photo of footprints! That's nice! How was that circle managed? Was it specially for the camera? Or a game? Then I thought - I expect the interest in footsteps has passed now, a few days later...