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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Miscellaneous piles

are the bane of my life.
They are everywhere in my house.
There is a great division between those who think it is important to tidy up piles
and those who just look at them.
I am afraid I look at piles and wonder what it is in them.
Here are a few in my house.
We start outside Molly's room and wonder what these are.

We proceed to the Bratz cache,

before going to our living room where the piano is unrecognisable because of all the piles,

(truly appalling)
finally we get to my study where there is a long stretchy pile reflecting the struggle I am having doing this project

and a nice flippy pile reflecting the fact that tomorrow morning I start work writing about this project.

But I think I am still a messy thinker.
Here is one solution.


Hilda said...

Glad someone else has a house like mine! We have a famly of 4 coming from Germany on Monday and I am furiously trying to get the house tidy; trying to getting 2 rooms for them to sleep in - trouble is one of them is my study so have to get the module done and dusted by tomorrow! the six point system looks interesting, but will any of us ever do it?

Sheila Webber said...

I think your house looks very civilised. I am suspicious of people with pristine, neat houses with everything tidied out of the way.