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Monday, October 16, 2006

the pile of books

always reassures me when I am feeling slow, or uncreative or generally Monday morning-ish.
This week I go here to give a talk
and then here to give another talk not to mention thinking about this project and this project.
So what do I do?
I have a pile of books.
First off is Sensible Objects which Dr Joolz lent me.
This is very useful as I have been thinking about ways of describing clothing items that are not found in England, such as a certain type of blanket worn by men in the Pashtun speaking area of Pakistan.
In this book, we learn that
there are cultural models of naming practices
naming that occurred when a complex weaving of emotion sensations, and dispostion activated the practice
(Guerts and Adikha 2006)
There there is this old favourite where we learn how,
the experience of the next generation "sediments", falls out, into expectations and dispostion
(Holland et al 1998:18)

I have decided this book will make me feel clever.
I have not yet read it.
Julian recommended it.
He also recomended this, which I AM reading.
It says that,
meaning making...operates within material conditions and given or inherited formations of sedimented or textual beginnings.
(Willis 2000:4)
Have I heard this before?

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