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Monday, October 30, 2006

A Whole year of blog writing

is always something to celebrate and although I am not nearly as good as Dr Joolz and Guy for keeping up with my blog I am pleased I have got to this milestone.
When I started, I wrote much more and more frequently.
Now I lazily HURL things at the blog in a spirit of WHO CARES beset as I am by the RAE, HEFCE, the AHRC, SVUK and other NAMELESS THINGS in academia coming to haunt a neighbourhood near you ....
(yes it is Halloween tomorrow and there will be THINGS ABOUT).
Last week I went to Bath Spa which was BLISS and here which was even more bliss.
If you click on that last link you meet a new and exciting blogger.


guy said...

Happy blog birthday! Well done for keeping it up...and guess what I'm 3 next month.

Kate said...

No way!
I loved the Newfoundland posts by the way!

Joolz said...

happy birthday indeed.