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Friday, March 09, 2007


This week I have been here, here and to talk to the people at this project here.
You ofcourse should go here to see the wonderful exhibition.
My knowledge of the UK rail network has now reached doctoral proportions.
I am hoping to offer an online doctorate in the manner of this marvellous course with modules in
GNER studies (including reading on theorising "trans" status objects and the death of the train company, with Derrida thrown in for free)
The Midland Mainline module will include sedimented literary theorists such as Raymond Williams and Richard Hoggart as it has an old school Marxist feel.
Virgin meanwhile will include a whole section on risk theory (Beck ofcourse) and include theorists such as Bev Skeggs on class while my favourite module will be,
Northern Rail which will have wonderful sections on children's popular culture, girls talk and ethnographic positionality.
Suggested dissertation topics:
Visual cultures
Viewing cultural spaces
Criticality and the train
Travelling and tourism
Must start the e-forms now.


Sheila Webber said...

If you were inviting visiting speakers, I would venture to offer some practical sessions e.g. luggage manipulations skills (with special emphasis on running over people's toes and obstructing refreshmnet carts); balance and poise (both when hanging from a strap by one hand and when trapped in a crush at the end of a carriage); interpretation (of announcements and of requests for information from fellow travellers); reading skills (of one's fellow passengers' books).

Joolz said...

What you really need is a unmique way of travelling like Mary Poppins. Spit Spot. She's magic.

Kate said...

Practically perfect in every way.