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Friday, May 25, 2007

Angel of the north

I am blogging while ON THE TRAIN!!!
I had hoped to go from an image of Anthony Gormley, taken from Waterloo station on Monday to an equally riveting image of the Angel of the North, taken from the train.
Sadly my attention was diverted at the key point (chatting)
and I missed the shot.
I am unable also to upload you the Anthony Gormley.
I did manage to capture, however,
Alnwick and, here,
Berwick on Tweed.
We are now in Scotland!
Time and space are brought together in new and interesting ways, through Blogger 2 software, an epistemic presence in the writing of the blog, as Nigel Thrift says so interestingly in this marvellous book.
I am listening to this CD so you have all the modalities.


Joolz said...

help me!! The link does not go to a Nigel Thrift book and I want to see whayt you are reading....

sorry you missed the Angel. You can try again on the way back maybe.

Sheila Webber said...

I think it was the book about shopping? I have been shopping in Second Life, it is one of the few things I have learnt how to do there, see

Joolz said...

ah yes I thought the shopping one looked excellent.
I wondered if it were that one too.

Kate said...

Sorry I will put it in now as it is v. good.