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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It is so sad

The way you go on holiday and you come back to a squillion emails and by day 2 you are a wreck of your former self, crawling amongst the emails like a demented ant.
It does not help that I have to get this form in here for the 14th June.

Never mind, there is this conference to look forward to,
this book to recommend to Dr Joolz
and these photos of Scotland.
As you can see, the weather was excellent, we swam, there was nobody on the beach and it was like the Greek Islands.
More footage of Islay can be found here.
Happy viewing!
I recommend the gold eagles as they are very good.


Sheila Webber said...

You put that very well (being lost among the emails).

Good luck with your bid.


Kate said...

Thanks> We have had some help from Information Studies!

DrJoolz said...

Lovely photos. Are these with your new camera.

Kate said...

No at the point when I took those my old camera fell in the sand (as I sunbathed) and got sand on it hence new one