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Friday, September 29, 2006


Is a fairly meaningless term in my view, and I prefer to talk about Instances of Practice or art practices, which I am beginning to theorise for this seminar series .
But it is a great word to get people together.
yesterday I went here (only a bus ride away tra la) and met Pat from here who knows everyone in Sheffield.
I learned that this organisation is wonderfully open and vague and muddly (Yes!)
The blog also says good-bye to the wonderful Amy who SINGLE HANDEDLY has been running Creative Partnerships in BDR for MORE TIME THAN I CAN REMEMBER (this is getting tearful but it is Friday).
I also met with someone who is also interested in socially engaged artists (my current research obsession) and has worked with these two which is amazing.
And this week I managed to get the JeS form in for this scheme with Steve
and he wants to DISRUPT our practice if he gets it.

Now I have to start writing up my findings for this project and thinking about sustainability and what it actually means when teachers and artists work together.
Now I just have to work out which way to go.
I think I will have to ask Pat.


Joolz said...

this is a very newsy post; Guy thinks that 'creativity' has become a meme and I agree.
Ah yes I know Pat she is in the critical literacy project with UKLA.
And that idea of getting someone to disrupt research is very off the wall, exciting and clever.

Kate said...

YOu are very kind.
I like the idea of creativity as a meme. COOL.

Sheila Webber said...

My friend Bill at Strathclyde University runs a "Creativity" class for their Centre for Entrepreneurship and he and I did a seminar on "Mind Mapping Revisited: Developing Creativity and Information Literacy" (for librarians) when we were in Australia last year. Creativity is rather a stretchy concept, I suppose, but as you can see I am happy to bandy it about. I was also doing mindmapping with my students this morning, and I think some of their mindmaps are ... creative.