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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A score for a hole in the ground

Today the blog celebrates this project.
It is interesting that it should have been done down a mine.
Due to logistical problems this didn't happen.
It has been created in a wood in Kent.

THis is what the artist says about it:
The original idea was to use a found hole; a mineshaft, a well, a natural fissure, an old bunker . . .
The idea was to use the hole to make a noise, like a Tibetan bowl.
You can see more about the actual hole here.
My mother is going to see the REAL THING tomorrow.
I am so jealous.
Also, I am celebrating the role of art in shaping thinking which is what Steve and I have been working on all week as well as wrestling with this dreadful system.
I think there should be a Support Group for all those who have had to do JES this week.

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