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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

new courses!

When I was at a meeting here yesterday, Adrian from this marvellous organisation was saying how hard it is to find arts professionals who understand working in communities but also have an intuitive concept of what they do.
Obviously I immediately thought we should run an MA in being an intuitive arts professional alongside the new exciting course we are offering this year called Working with Communities I am running with Anita, Michele and Jennifer.
This got me thinking about other new MA courses we could run which could supplement our existing ones and bring in new and diverse students
(always a good idea).

Here are my suggestions:

1. An MA in understanding and using the Midland mainline website, together with additional modules on: Trainspotting, Industrial Landscapes and Arts-based related work in railway carriages: an ethnography.

2. An MA in how to navigate complex department stores while not spending too much money. Includes optional modules on Make Up buying without pain and orange foundation, Fashion without feeling guilty, and, Contemporary ethnographies of craft and needlework.

3. An MA in surviving the school holidays while appearing to work. This could include modules on Ways in Which to Multitask effectively, Delegation skills and a module on the Ethnography of time, space and motion in domestic homes, an internal economy of small domestic objects (pictured here).

Any more suggestions?


Sheila Webber said...

Looking at the nice photo, an MA in Cute Furry Animal studies, with modules in bunnies, kitties and assorted zoo creatures. Actually, you might attract Japanese overseas students with that one. I treasure the "Geisha Hello Kitty" toothpick holder I bought in Kyoto.

Sheila Webber said...

And here is a blurred picture of it Can you tell I am trying to work on a project that should have been finished last week ..... I'd try closing my browser but unfortunately I need it for the work

Kate said...

Fab picture Sheila!
Off to bake fairy cakes now so back to multitasking.

Joolz said...

I have just managed to work out what trains to get to Warwick tomorrow. I leav at 8.53 and get there at about 10.30. Insane.

Hope I get a seat.

Travel is difficult I agree but can be educational in itself.

Kate said...

It is very hard. Have just booked 8 tickets on the midland mainline website so may need the MA counselling services urgently.
My train gets in at 10.44 cu therex