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Sunday, February 18, 2007

By popular demand

Dr Kate brings you the latest information on Fashion from London Fashion Week and also
Top Tips for your Spring wardrobes.
First off, is tulip skirts.

See the illustration here.
Men may hate them, this is not the point, they are in fashion.
You wear them with high heels and opague tights.
For more information see marvellous Jess Cartner-Morley explain all here.

Mine is a grey one (Selfridges sale right at the end when everything was 70%) and I love it.
Next, puffy sleeves.
Again, not popular with men, just ignore them as these are key.
I have a Peter Jensen dress which has huge sleeves which is excellent.

This is the actual dress as shown on the catwalk above.
Grey or neutral dresses is another key trend.
Luckily I have a grey and neutral one so I am relaxed on that score.

I hope you all follow my advice.

There are also some trends you should ignore at all costs.

Yellow, and

You have been warned.


Joolz said...

Oh thank goodness for this post. Thankfully I can go shopping again.
I am v keen on the grey stuff as well on the tulip skirt.

Sheila Webber said...

Thank you for these diverting links and images. I am a Jess Cartner-Morley fan, I always turn to her wise words in the Saturday Guardian. Unfortunately tulip skirts are not for me, as my legs were always rather plump and they certainly haven't got any slimmer. However, I am wearing pale grey today, so I can feel fashionable.

PS Do you have any more pictures of your kitten?
PPS It's not pervy to want to see more pictures of kittens, is it?

Kate said...

Hi Sheila!
Glad about Jess Carterner-Morley my fave person.
No it is not at all odd to want to see the kitten pictures more.
In fact, I think about the kitten most of the time and only think about other stuff when I absolutely have to.
More will come.
He is sitting on my lap as I type.

Mary Plain said...

this is all very helpful Kate except fashion is never designed for short round bears like me.. yes please, mor ekitten pictures soon! (Will you bring the kitten to ESRC? we hope so..)