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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

online shopping

is what you do when you are doing a really hard thing like writing a report for this organisation about what you did in clear and accessible language.

Obviously this is too hard so you have to go shopping.

Dr Joolz likes to shop here and so I take a look.

Daughter has just bought a tunic dress from here
(note: for those over 30, tunic dresses are to be worn WITH CAUTION).
However, I like these websites:

Tulip and Nettle are very arty, off beat and CHEAP.
I have told you before about this addiction, I think it is now beaten, thank god.
This website was picked up as my favourite by Literate it has fab dresses but is not cheap.
For reliable surfing and good in sales go to Toast and Boden.
Beware however, going too floral, purchasing halterneck tops and
embracing wholeheartedly the peasant look as it is NOT GOOD on older female academics.
But I have some quirky interests.
Gypsy caravans.
You have been warned.
Hopefully someone will write about online shopping which will be v. useful.


Sheila Webber said...

I am currently allowing myself a break from working on the Annual Review of Learning and Teaching (arghhhh) and so was in a very vulnerable state where I almost purchased a pink silk nightdress and a silk chiffon blouse from the RR site you link to (did you see the DISCOUNTED prices!!). However, I have restrained myself for the moment.

I have ordered a some things from reliable Boden, I also like the Gudrun Sjoden website although I havent bought much as actually a lot of the clothes would make me look like a colourful wrapped parcel. I also visit but I wish there was a proper Jigsaw online shop (on the other hand browsing in real life is pleasurable, I wouldn't want to do all my clothes shopping online)

Kate said...

This is very useful.
By the way, the kitten photos are delayed as I left my camera in Dorset but I will find a way.

trevor said...

My wife is a huge fan of Boden, Kew and Jigsaw as well but she has started to use my favourite site for shopping search more and more For clothing you do have to play around with the searches but it's good fun and includes retailers like Marks and Spencer, Additions, BonPrix as well as niche players. online shopping is just great....

Anonymous said...


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