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Monday, February 05, 2007

It is all happening

here at Sheffield.
First there are all these marvellous books everyone keeps bringing out.
Blink and you miss them.
Jackie Marsh's book with Eve is packed with wonderful chapters and
Colin and Michele's sampler is really enticing.
A must-have purchase, especially since me and Dr Joolz are devising the most exciting course ever.
It is an on-line course in new literacies and will be profoundly cutting edge.
Taking our cue from the ever hip world of craft it will invite students to fill in a patchwork quilt which is our map of knowledge and gradually make a wonderful sedimented pattern of meaning.
This remind me of my article to be published here with Jennifer on sedimented identities in texts.
Our on-line course will ofcourse be a trace of identity.
Everywhere you turn there will be
Tecky stuff
beauty tips
and ofcourse us, in glamorous poses.
Can't wait.
PS I am writing this ON THE TRAIN.


Joolz said...

The best thing is that you can blog on the train.
How coool.

Kate said...

I know. It makes GNER WORTH IT.