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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Glasto kid

pitched her tent in the rain at 1 in the morning last night, is on a slope and emerged to find a torrent, has danced in the rain to punk gypsy bands, was pissed on, changed and is now gearing up to the Arctic Monkeys and The Coral.
She is in heaven.
More about this here.
Meanwhile, we are going to buy this house.
Dr Joolz is advising us.


JP said...

Hello from Oz

Tell us more from the glasto kid as you get it!

Hmmm.... is "More crooks" (or whatever) really the right name for a house for a criminal defense lawyer?

DrJoolz said...

glastokid is an absolute wonder.

Scott said...

holy house! very nice. my trusty currency converter tells me that is AUS$766,937. kor, you bookish types do oright aye!

keep pumping out those edited collections dr.k