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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today I thought about

complex writing and the relationship between meaning (what we want to communicate) and materiality (how we communicate it).
This was prompted partly by going to this exhibition and seeing the blocks of colour and how they shifted meanings in the gallery, as we walked around orange and yellow shapes hanging in the air.
Also in the environment box project (something I am researching) a group of children have been creating boxes that describe a particular environment.
Here it is the arctic or 'the polar'.
I have looked at the way that the affordances of the box, its ability to house igloos, ducks or baby dolphins, creates new kinds of talk.
I am about to do something on how visual and spatial stuff shapes linguistic meanings.
How does a focus on colour, shape and design create different kinds of talk?
Any advice gratefully received.


DrJoolz said...

THis sounds really hard to me.
Apart from the boxes.
I would quite like to make one actually.
Then maybe my talk would change - is that the idea?

Kate said...

I am not sure. I think you might like to make a PINK box.

guy said...

complex writing?