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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Autumn flowers

I am trying to learn to see differently, as Dr Joolz says, 'Through my Flickr eyes' (or is it Anya our identities are merging here).
This is me trying to do the photo:

I was very inspired by Anya's post yesterday, when she just blogged flowers.

As Sunday should be a day of fun and relaxation, here are some flower pics I took yesterday in the garden:

I hope you like the pic of me for my profile. My marvellous daughter did it.
She likes my dress which she thinks is a bit like Prada
But already I see you are getting distracted and going shopping.
The picture of me reading Vogue is a CLUE as to what is coming next.
You will not believe it.

1 comment:

Joolz said...

The dress is very Prada and the picture is very Virginia Wolf.
Most arty for the site.

I like the flowers DrKate.
I am looking forward to your new post tomorrow.