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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have been thinking about my nomadic status. Love the pictures of nomads here.
Also really like the nomadic clothes here
because they confirm my identity as nomadic woman, always on the move.
I am interested in art that subverts or explores nomadic status, such as Isaac Julien's work here.
My friend Dictynna is a film maker and her work with Somali women witnesses their narratives of migration. She reminded me of this book and I also thought this looked interesting.
The idea of narratives of migration and their relation to artifacts is one I hope to explore on this blog, and also I hope that this body will give me a grant for a project called Inside and Outside Glass Cabinets, which looks at the relationship between objects in museums and artifacts of identity in homes. More of than anon.

From tomorrow I am going here with my two daughters:

The biggest problem is what to listen to in the car. Daughter 1 will want this.
Daughter 2 will want this.
And I will want this.
But there will be one CD that we ALL agree on. We will love it for its revolutionary fervour, the powerful singing and the swaying of the beat to the camel on the Sahara desert.
It is true nomad music.
It is this, and it is brilliant.

What do you you listen to on long journeys?


naomi said...

I'm a Radio 4 addict which I know is boring for other people. I also love stories being read to me as I drive so will usually have something like that on the go as well.

naomi said...

I also meant to say have a good break

Kate said...

Naomi! I am so delighted you have found this post!
You were ofcourse, along with Dr Joolz one of my inspirations and thank you for visiting my blog.

Simply Clare said...

I am feeling a little inadequate because I don't know who two of the four artistes are... but I can't recommend Neil Diamond's greatest hits strongly enough for any journey.

Mary Plain said...

tonight as we yet again did Lincoln- Bromsgrove it was Best of Bowie with Leonard Cohen (I'm Your Man) in reserve. On my own it is Radio 2 or 4 or people like JJCale, Johnny Cash, Alison Krauss. We are going to Wales for the weekend so will have to find enough music we both want to listen to for two long journeys, not easy! (I'd probably go with daughter 1 from your list though..)

Joolz said...

The most important thing about this post is the sweetness of Molly and DrKate walikng hand in hand.

Kate said...

I love Alison Krauss Mary Plain!
And daughter 1 likes Leonard Cohen.
I'll put them in the bag now.
Neil Diamond of course is ace.

guy said...

I'd go for Trilok Gurtu's Remembrance and if there's still time left Ali Farka Toure's Niafunke...but if offspring were onboard we'd have to settle for RnB. (btw, the garden pic is brilliant)

Kate said...

Hi Guy!
Ali Farka Doure is a brilliant choice and one of my favourites.

david gilbert said...

Driving music! Like Naomi I listed to way too much R4, and consequently have a head full of interesting but useless ephemera. I like music that refers to driving when I'm in the car - Sheffield band Comsat Angels (who I used to listen to on John Peel's show in my not-as-misspent-as-I'd-like it to have been youth - fansite at have a great tune called Driving on the album Chasing Shadows. The guitarist lives on Edgedale road and does lessons - I've often heard him noodling as I walk past.
Can't stop listening to the new Franz Ferdinand album - and especially like the Alexandr Rodchenko reference (see for the original image) - very arty indeed!

Kate said...

David welcome to the the blog and thanks for commenting!