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Monday, October 31, 2005

bad girls

I have always wanted to be a Bad Girl. Dr Joolz ofcourse is one, and her posse of girls on her links.
My friend Anna is also a bad girl - she did this marvellous site specific production here.
Angela McRobbie writes about bad girls here and Lucinda Williams is a great bad girl's singer.
Jacqueline Wilson writes about bad eight year old girls here.
Julia Darling wrote great books about bad teenagers like this one, and my daughter and I adore her books.

Even better (or worse) is to be a bad mother as here.
Being a nomad, I obviously have a bad mother thing going, hence my by-line but my friend Vally who very nicely visited this blog, says it is not the case and I shouldn't put it.
This is very nice of her. I wanted to put it on to see if it invited any comments.
I might change it later.
My darling friend Jennifer is also a very supportive Friend to Bad Mothers.
If you want to follow a good debate, see here.
So I have decided not to feel guilty any more.

The ultimate bad girl is Eve

Michelene Wandor wrote some great poems about Eve here.

PS the drawing was done by Molly on the computer using Paint
She is a Barbie girl normally but today she is a Witch!


Joolz said...

This post is well to the jay bad unbad, well bad.

Digitalplayer said...

So it is, but dear Kate, how could you be bad? It is a status so verrrry hard to acquire by a girl like you. As it is we already know you buy good skirts, choose good music and keep good deadlines, as for the mother thing , well healthy neglect is soooo much better than insistent mothering- don't you think? Any way the first bad girl wasn't, Eve; it was so Lillith and she was so very much well to the bad that she would have done for our Dear DRJOOLZ in any competition for badness you could name.

Anya said...

*laughing* Kate and E you are both so funny. DrJoolz, I need a translation! :>

Kate if you are indeed nomadic, I would like to know when you are coming to work in Australia?!

Kate said...

I am very nomadic and Australia is next on my list after San Fransisco.
Expect me soon - actually I do plan to apply for a British Council grant next year.....

Simply Clare said...

I am a bad girl too. Yesterday I was told that I was 'a disappointment' and that my behaviour was 'highly offensive' - not bad for someone in their late thirties. Jay to the well bad unbad goodbad!!! (Sory Anya)

Anya said...

*laugh* Clare, you ARE bad!!! Now come on, when i am going to get an interpretation!!??

Kate said...

Wow Clare you have cheered me up this morning!

Simply Clare said...

Kate, may I use your blog for a moment please?...
Anya - I have spent ages trying to find the 'well to the jay bad' original post/comment to shed light for you - but can't place it. I think it was sparked in someone's comments spot (Dr Joolz, Mary Plain or mine) in August. Basically, when I was a young lass in primary school, it was a 'cool' way of saying that something was cool. For example: Dr Kate's blog is well to the jay-bad-unbad-goodbad. We bloggers got chatting about this. Mary Plain offered the word 'bostin' as an alternative, and, as you can see, the phrases have entered blogspeak and are used for dramatic effect on occasion.
Hope helpful!

Anya said...

Ahhhhh thank you Clare!! How fascinating :> It makes me laugh every time I read it, but although I guessed its meaning I had no idea where the expression originated. We australians are simple folk and don't come up with nearly so exciting and sophisticated inventions!

Kate said...

Wow this is an example of a blog research culture developing.
Well to the jay bad unbad well bad.

Dr. Rob said...

Well to the jay-bad-unbad-goodbad
Yakking on the myriad language launch pad
Banging on a mouse pad, stamp pad, like mad
Talking bout a hot pad, hip pad, scratch pad
You got the linguistic jay-bad sketch pad
I got the well mad, like bad, mossad
Spying on the language, bad lad, big dad
No fad, shabad, send me back to riyadh
Don’t get mad, get on the pad
Listen to the lingo that makes you glad
Word plaid, strictly rad,
Well to the jay-bad-unbad-goodbad

Kate said...

Fab Dr Rob welcome to the bad girls club.