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Friday, October 21, 2005

Getting lost

I thought I would cheer up Dr Joolz by saying that due to her expert help and instruction I have just started my blog.
Visitors will have to realise however, that I am only just learning but there will be themes on this blog which will appear with monotonous regularity.
Commenters may be interested to know the themes in advance, so they can adjust their comments accordingly.
For now the themes are:
lost tickets
lost items

I thought I would begin my blog by talking about all the things I have lost.
Since my Phd thesis was about ephemera I also think lost things are v. interesting as is mess.
I recently thought I lost my train ticket from London to Sheffield and had to pay £50 for a new one only to find I had it all along.
This is called being disorganised.
I also lost my rucksack (as above) on a bus (with my lap top in it) but it was Hurrah returned.
Other things I have lost: several small items of jewellery, this child (once in the park and he was returned by the park keeper) a present for my daughter's friend (on a bus), my mobile phone for the whole summer, my car in a multi story car park (intelligent readers will realise this car is not mine and therefore this part of the blog is made up but I like that car so it will be mine for the blog obviously it was not my car I lost) and also lots of umbrellas.
Hurrah for buses and for Ken Livingstone who I adore as he makes all the buses run on time.
I have also got lost here when a very small child.
Can people tell me what they lost?


Joolz said...

I really like Ken Livingstone too. He is very rigt on and he has amazingly cut down London traffic .
I have lost a purse with a hundred Euros in. I put it down at the airport when I was sorting out my bits and bobs then walked off without it. That is what happens if you get up for a flight at 3 a.m.

Joolz said...

I mean right on.

Kate said...

OMG you have commented on my blog.
I am so excited.
I have also shown my son my blog.
am now going to do Found Objects.

Anya said...

I lost my entire PhD thesis-in-progress 6 months before it was due. I didn't lose it myself, I had my home burgled and had my laptop and bag with back-ups all stolen. But the loss was the worst thing that ever happened to me and I had to go into therapy afterwards and have never been the same since. Piecing all the bits together (including my own sanity), collecting more data and rewriting took me three more years and a whole lot of chocolate!!

Kate said...

Anya is also commenting.
This makes me very excited and now I will go on blogging and also I will go and look at Anya's blog.

Kate said...

I forgot to say Anya that I was also very upset about your Phd thesis.
I hope you are now over it.
One day I will tell you my Terrible Viva Story
and it will Cheer you Up.

Dr. Rob said...

I lost 12 years of my life doing my Phd, we must have a 'Worst PhD Story' stream.

Obviously as a man I don't lose anything (except for my virinity once - and thats the only thing I'll admit to as losing things is clearly a feminine trait) but the fairies do seem to come and 'hide' things from me from time to time.

Dr. Rob said...

obviously i meant virginity, but perhaps at the time I wasn't much good at that too as well as spelinK

Kate said...

Thanks also for commenting Dr Rob.
I will now add you to my links list.
I think Phd stories would be a very idea for a blog.
Maybe we could do a composite one...

Simply Clare said...

Great woods! I love woods.

JP said...

Buses run on time? Have you never tried the 73 on a sunday???

Kate said...

OOO I am glad you have commented JP but you are hiding at the bottom