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Monday, October 24, 2005

The collection

This post celebrates collections, particularly those behind glass cabinets as here.
In my thesis, I was particularly interested in objects behind glass cabinets.
Flickr celebrates collections, as here.
In fact, if you seach 'the collection' on Flickr, you immediately are plunged into a myriad of other people's collectable items.
I used to be a collector, when I was a child and my parents had a stall on Portobello Road(we never made any money though). I collected antique seals, (not the animals, the things you use to stamp letters with sealing wax) and small items and put them in my so called pretty cupboard, which you see here.
There is more good stuff on collections here and this book is a marvellous read on homes as museums.
However, this week being half term, new collections are spouting up all over the place, and the house is out of control.

I might need some help with tidying up.


Mary Plain said...

I love this idea of collections. It seems to crop up a lot on our blogs, with Dr Joolz a few posts ago and her daughter's bedroom, for example. My office has all sorts of collections in it and I am now inspired to blog about that later with some pictures instead of doing what I ought to do!

Joolz said...

This is very interesting. I love to see your bts and bobs. I am always worried about people putting things in 'wrong places' that don't match theother things. Like the glass of drink on the bookcase.
I am sure Freud wiould have something to say on my fixation wiith keeping things in orderly sets.

Kate said...

There are lots of orderly sets on Flickr so you are not alone Dr Joolz.
What would a disorderly set look like I wonder?