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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Found objects

Since yesterday's post was about lost objects, today's is about found objects.
The best finder person in my household is Molly, who finds all my jewellery and miscellaneous items and displays them here:
This rather lovely installation was made using the polystyrene bits that came from my mixer (more of than anon my mixer god my mixer) and then found objects from around her environment.
The notion of found objects has been explored by artists -see here
I like the idea of the cabinet of curiosity made up of found objects in charity shops.
Also, there is the question of modern art and the Found Object as a kind of random thing.
This is one of the themes of The Turner Prize especially this guy who resurrects old stuff to make new scuptural installations.
I however am interested in ordinary people and ordinary objects. There is a great feature in today's Guardian about family objects about a stone with a hole:

It is, like all the objects here, the thing that makes the memory firm, and an instant leap to a clear and precise moment when we were together
Do other people have favourite found objects and do they tell a story?


Joolz said...

Really interesting post Drkate and Ilove Molly's instalation. It is really clever.

This is an interesting way to display a found object:

I love this display too - which I have blogged before:

Kate said...

Gosh I have to RUSH to Flickr as Anya does and this obviously COMPLEMENTS blog life.

Anya said...

I can't blog without flickring now - the posts without images always look so out of place!

My favourite found objects are shells. I have them all over the place - in my office, in my house... they remind me of growing up by the beach and constantly collecting them. I can't walk along a beach without hunting for shells to add to my collection. I also have coral, starfish, crab shells, unusual driftwood... I used to have them in my classroom and make the poor kids sketch/paint them each year. Now I just sketch them myself :>

Kate said...

i love shells too and my bathroom is full of them.
I might blog Chesil beach as it has this wonderful stones which sometimes have stones.

Kate said...

Sorry article writing is doing my head in. I meant wonderful stones which also have holes.
I cannot write articles and blog.
Must blog this as brain is obviously limted.

naomi said...

Hello Kate - I am so glad you have started a blog. Mine is about to be consigned to that little bit of cyberspace where spent blogs go.

Kate said...

Perhaps your blog could be a Found Object?