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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Artemis in Ruffield

Was fine.
She had discovered a spa where she could get her manicures and pedicures also
thankfully one place that served salad.
In the morning she jogged all around Sunmore which after a while the residents got used to, and even her ipod no longer attracted stares.
Abdul's cousin Rukshana had promised to take her to the Laura Mercier Lipstick Counter at Selfridges when she next came to London and also wanted her to meet her cousin Yasmin who was doing an MA with this lot and wanted to do a Phd on the on-line blogging habits of teenagers in Ruffield and thought Artemis would be a fab supervisor (Artemis was thrilled).
The only mystery was a Kevin Grand, who kept emailing her insisting they met to discuss regional networks.
Artemis didn't understand regional networks.
One morning in the staff room she turned round to find Stan looking intently at her silk chiffon summer dress.
'Artemis' he said 'Settled in alright?'
'Can I have a word?'


Digigran said...

Thanks for this, Kate.
I had heard the Topshop was where it was at for dresses but couldn't quite believe it- but now see they have Celia Birtwell and Zhandra Rhodes in stock.
Oh to be twenty something again and able to wear them. Nice to look though. Might even try a tea party number.

Joolz said...

I am v worried - not knowing whether Jeff fancies her or whether he will tell her off for being unsuitably dressed. Maybe both?

Joolz said...

Oh yes and also am so impressed that Artemis is able to concentrate on the important things in life as well as having to do academic b/s.

Kate said...

THis is part of her identity in practice.