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Thursday, May 25, 2006

last post for a while

just to say this is my last post for a while as I am off here and here and even better here where the internet cafe is extrememely FAR from where we are staying and even worse it is right by the WHISKY distillery so if I blogged it might be a bit muddly. (Or Muddy? Both probably).
Note the extensive programme on the Islay website including the Whisky tours.
But I leave you in the capable hands of Hilda and Anon who are blogging oh so well.
Anon has opened my eyes with this image.
I also leave you with a research task which is to look in myspace and find out about it as a literacy practice.
According to my daughter, it is where everyone meets up and hangs out, no need to have real meetings or friends.
Again, cultural geography is where it is at.
My new discipline.

Very misty.


Hilda said...

Au revoir, a bientot.

Sheila Webber said...

Ooh, that sounds nice; I hope it doesn't rain ALL the time. I taught at Strathclyde University (Glasgow) before I came to Sheffield and I love Glasgow and the West Highlands, in particular the islands. I also love malt whisky (in moderation, obviously), though as you saw the proximity of the internet cafe to the distillery as a disadvantage perhaps you don't? Lagavulin, yum.