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Thursday, May 18, 2006

blogs: a spatial guide

In my new role as geographer (see post below) I thought I would give my students on this course a chance to sample some interesting blogs.
First off is this new blog which looks interesting, brought to us by Guy, whose blog is always interesting.
He posts everyday and for that he should get a medal.
He disagrees with the eminent Dr Joolz about whether blogs are affinity spaces or not.
Perhaps the students could help us decide?
There are lots of literacy practices blogs out there.
Colin and Michele are very generous with their thoughts and I also always enjoy a visit to Anya's page as she surfs her virtual games and presents us with complex thoughts on identities and blogging.
Finally, a new entrant: Sheila from information literacies is blogging away in the same University.
It makes me realise that we need a map.

Would it be aerial or would it be a kind of from the ground representation?
Cartographers, please respond.


Joolz said...

Yes I am agreeed those are good blogs to look at. Re affinity spaces - I don't think that blogs are affinity spaces but I think that across some blogs affinity spaces are created through the interactions across them. I think shared meanings develop and peeople take on particular ways of being within them - maybe these are particular 'identities'. I think that the affinities exist across the blogs but may not exist in other spaces where those people are present. I think they take on identities that work in the space and help them make particuilar types of link to form affinities.

Kate said...

Thanks for that Dr Joolz - now what do other people think?