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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today we think about

Yes it is that time of year.
The eldest went off this morning to do English.
I have decided I am an expert on revision tips.
These are:
1. You have to watch a lot of Green Wing. This helps concentration.
2. Purchasing dresses also helps on a regular basis.
3. On no account should the examinee have to do anything stressful like housework as this is too hard. They should just eat and sleep.
4. Another idea is to be the person you are doing the exam on. Yesterday, my daughter was Latino (Spanish) today she is from the Deep South of America. (To Kill a Mockingbird). Then you don't actually have to read the book, just be in it.
This idea is actually excellent and applies to Molly who is today a Viking and has gone to find out about Viking boats at the National Maritime Museum.
Here is Molly dressed as a Viking:

I would make a great Viking Mother.
I would produce artefacts and make dresses.
Another possible career without the pressures of the RAE.


Joolz said...

I actually adore Molly and she looks great as a viking - although not very scary.
(I thought they were scary, but I may have been misinformed and therefore prejudiced.)
Molly looks like you a LOT.
Poor eldest daughter doing GCSEs. It is because she cares.
My son Miles is doing AS levels at the moment and is not stressed as he does not care. This is a different kind of worry for mothers.

Kate said...

I think it is better one.
i was actually showing off about the Viking costume.
My mother made it because she is that kind of mother.

Joolz said...

ah I just wondered if you did it.... now I know

Digigran said...

OMG, Kate
This is all very interesting and lovely pic of Molly (((one of my favourite names BTW) but what about the novel FCS)

Hilda said...

We are doing A levels at the moment and GCSE Itslisn for good measure!! On the subject of Vikings. my son (aged 21) is into dressing up as a Viking or Norman or Saxon depending on the show: He is a re-enacter. At the moment the umbrella stand has an axe, a pike and a long bow in it and there are 3 shields in the hall. That is to say nothing of the chain mail in the boot of my car!! The joys of children!

anon said...

I think your daughter is so pretty! I remember doing the vikings at school and renacting a viking rowing boat.

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