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Monday, May 08, 2006

At the Drinks Party: Karen in San Paradiso

Hannah offered Karen a sushi roll and a glass of Sapa valley white and surveyed her carefully.
She was wearing some kind of night wear, accessorised with high heeled round toed purple shoes.
Maybe English Girls dressed like that.
Hannah, resplendent in khaki jumpsuit and combats, could not understand it.
Hannah's work, until she had been Dean, was on ethnographies of teenage communicative practices.
She had hung out with the girls on North Beach, and watched as they flirted with their mobile phones and texted their friends while vintage clothes shopping on Grant Avenue.
(Pictured here. Photo courtesy of Dr Joolz.)

Hannah had put her wild days behind her.
Once known for her femme fatale tendencies, she had gone Urban Guerilla in 1999 and had risen steadily up the ranks of faculty of San Paradiso.
Now she ruled the roost.
Her new ambition was to have the greatest vineyard in the Sapa valley.
Nothing would stop her now.
'So honey' said Hannah nicely to Karen.
'Where DO you buy your lipstick?'


Joolz said...

Gosh fancy wearing your nightdress out in public. Were there nail varnish stains, I wonder.

Kate said...

It was Ghost.
They don't understand Ghost in America.

Digigran said...

Mmmm didn't know the American academic had become so urban guerilla, they always look a bit like Charlie's Angels or Alexis Carrington to me. Must get about more

Kate said...

Were you at last year's digital day at UKLA?
This was v. informative for dress codes of Californian based academics research digital literacy practices.