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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fake Tales of San Francisco: Fieldnotes chapter 4

Artemis was having a slightly bemusing time in Ruffield.
She had had one meeting with Stan, her new Head of Department, who looked gloomily out of the window at the rain (pictured here)

and, trying not to look at her Anne Klein ruffle blouse said,
'Er Artemis. Hope you'll be very happy here. Difficult times ahead eh?'
Artemis had no idea what he was talking about but nodded.
Stan then thrust a piece of paper with an email printed out out from one Kevin Grand and said,
'Way to go - look him up - SILY, joint work, local regeneration' and vanished.
Her colleagues in the department avoided her completely and fled from the staff room whenever she appeared, apparently over-awed by her American accent, Anne Klein outfits and sparkling teeth not to mention her lip gloss....
Neverthless Artemis was not isolated.
Far from it.
She was, in fact, hectically busy, as both Brian and Abdul
(who had exchanged details with Artemis in the taxi cab in order to helpfully introduce her to Ruffield life)
competed to take her to more and more football matches.
It being the end of the season, it was an intense time.
Every weekend, and sometimes in the week, she had to attend either the Ruffield Thursday match with Brian, or the Ruffield United Slides match with Abdul and his family which...
(the gentle and sensitive reader will now realise that there is such a thing as TOO MUCH INFORMATION, so descriptions of these matches will, at present, be left to the intelligent readers' imagination).

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