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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blogs as spaces

for invisible thoughts.
I realised this when I read Dr Joolz's excellent post on creative jamming.
Your blog is often the place you go to try out a new idea.
Mine is something I said on Thursday, which was unusually profound, as, dear readers,
my mind is FILLED to the brim with ephemera, mess and trivia in particular these dresses which are a MUST HAVE purchase,
which is that meaning tugs learning along.
This is because I am fuelled with a desire to follow the trails of meaning across domains, much like Barton and Hamilton did when they talked of people's ruling passions.
But it makes a difference WHAT the passions are.
It is the intersection of materiality and meaning that makes the difference to an object.
So we know these are Celia Birtwell second time round, but our first time memories of Biba are different right?
Blogs are the places where you can put these random across domain thoughts.
A reason I like the idea of Sam Taylor Wood's invisible cello which is on here
it that it precisely describes the way ideas sometimes are invisible, and there is a silence at the heart of them, and they only open up in unexpected ways.
Guess where this is?
It is where I will be in one week's time. Heaven.
Clue: Travis and Franz Ferdinand come from there.
It is the best space for invisible thinking.


Hilda said...

Is it a fluke the way our blogs are linking together? I hadn't read te bit about the cello when I put the cello pic on mine. Sweden and Scotland - not that far away from each other in lots of senses.

Kate said...

It is called synchronicity.
Guy often does something I am doing which I find spooky.