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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Intermission from Fieldnotes

I have decided to create a brief mini break from Fieldnotes, the blockbuster novel (earning, remember, a 6 figure advance at least)
in order to create futher suspense
(will Artemis get on with Kevin, worse, will she leave Hope and find a New Partner in Ruffield?
Will she learn to like football? Oh terrible thought.
Will Karen embrace San Paradiso Life and end up in the Castro? etc etc)
and focus on identity in blogs.
Guy is talking about this, and so were the students on this course
this weekend.
Who are we when we write our blogs?
obviously I am a mix of Artemis and Karen but not
(I hope) Stan but I am ultimately Dr Kate but who is she?????
ALso, who am I???

Is this me?
Will I get to see this film, this week or will I simply not have time?
Will I buy a dress from here?


Joolz said...

That film looks v good. I want to se it now too.
Talk about SYNCHRONICITY with the Guy and blogs thing.
As for is that you ... it looks v sultry and all in sooft focus. It is a side of you that is not quite the same as DrKate I reckon.

Kate said...

I am trying to encourage the students to see you can MAKE UP who you are on your blog.
Such fun.

Digigran said...

You must see the film. It confirms all we said to each other about the divorce thing and kids. (Not that either of us were thinking of doing this at all - just in case our friends misread this.) But it is poignant and very funny, especially re the younger son's library habits. So go!
It is good to have you Blogging about other stuff again although I am very impatient to find out what horrors Stan has in mind for Artemis and for that matter the department. The skirt thing would be a good motif I think for Stan's predatory instincts.
Re the fashion meme: I could do with some good advice re source of a nice new frock. Am crazy for the new patterned stuff but all the things I've looked at so far are too low cut. I have some embarrassment re the surgery scar, though the surgeon who slit me from the chaps to the (well not quite the) nave did it very neatly. Some nice piccies please.
For myself, I have decidedto BLOG on other people's BLOGs until someone comments on my last two posts. Though this might signal an end to my blogging!

Digigran said...

Ps There are lots of Top Shop frocks which would suit you thugh. Which one do you fancy?

Kate said...

I like the Laura Lee one featured in yesterday's Observer.
I will go and comment on your blog I think it is RUDE not to comment on other people's blogs if they do such nice and interesting posts as you do Digigran.