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Friday, May 19, 2006

What are the affordances of blogs?

I wrote about the different aspects of blogs (links, sound, pictures and words) here and here.
Also, go here for a really good reflective blog about blogging.
Links are very interesting and they can subvert a blog as you link the meaning to something completely different.
Images are next - I am not so good as people like Dr Joolz who use Flickr as much as blogger for their on-line identity work.
Sometimes Flickr is more important - like with Litrate's blog.
Words can often be shared - I often write about something someone is following on another blog.
Memes are games you play across blogs, see here for more about them.
Blogging is exciting, time consuming but it changes all the time.


Hilda said...

I've looked at the various links - some of them look really interesting. I think, however that I am in danger of spending more time on line than doing the reading for the course!!

Kate said...

This is very very good and you get TOP MARKS.

Joolz said...

yes you do.