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Friday, May 05, 2006

Girly stuff: Karen in San Paradiso

Dressing for the Dean's party was exciting, but stressful,
thought Karen as she surveyed crumpled clothes emerging from the inevitable squalor of her suitcase.
Her mini student apartment (with bathroom)
deep in the Pinewoods looked out over the bay.
The sun was still bright in the sky.
Freshened by a nap, Karen felt ready for anything.
She pulled out her new Ghost dress (green embroidered, cut on the bias as described here), her Karen Millen heels (round toes, so contemporary) and put on her new red lipstick, bought in Cole Brothers but quite shiny, brushed her hair and looked at herself approvingly in the mirror.
The Campus sparkled, and Karen looked once again at her invitation.
'Dean's office' it read.
A huge Italianate building glittered in front of her.
In gold letters it read:
'San Paradiso University Dean's office'.
Nervously Karen stepped up to the front door (Embossed, huge) and pushed it gently...


Joolz said...

Ghost stuff travels very well I find. Especially if you ROLL it rather than fold. I am prepared to photograpoh this technique if you wish?

Kate said...

Please do. It is very important.
Hannah mistook Karen's Ghost dress for a nightie though.