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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Curly slide

Curly slide
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I love this photo of a playground slide.
Go on the 'playgrounds' Tag in Flickr and the world expands wonderfully.
Today I am thinking about playgrounds, what you do in them and also why school playgrounds are not the same as ones in communities and parks, and why not, also are backyards for play and what do they have in them.
Anyone for Scarecrow Tig?


Joolz said...

Helen Wooley in Sheff uni landscape dept (architecture) has done a LOT of work on kids' recreational space. She has done a booklet thing. I went to a seminar of hers. See here:

But have you seen the geography woman here:

she does stuff on second hand clothes. Cool or what.

Kate said...

There are some amazing geography women about.
I met one from the Uni of Sheffield and she was SOO COOL.