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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International women's day

Is today.
Luckily Dr Rob has noticed.
In this post we celebrate all women who work
especially nomadic women who are always on the move (like me).

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JP said...

When is International Men's Day?

No doubt it is the same day as we get true equality and finally get a Minister for Men.

Dr. Rob said...

Jp as you will see from the link on my blog we men get an International Men's Month!

Be happy with what we've got, who needs a Minister for men meddling into our affairs?

Joolz said...

I actually think that International Mens dayS are aon the other 364 days that are not International women's day.

cityB said...

Don't be boring, Dr Joolz.

Kate said...

I agree with Dr Joolz and would like to respectfully tell the men that women still earn 17% less than men and they definitely need more money to spend on stuff.

JP said...

Each day is definitely not men's day and the 17% study was so flawed in its assumptions as to be meaningless.

Why is that a thousands feminist columnists can say a thousand sexist comments about men and thats ok but to simply ask for equality and a minister for men is not.

The uk is sexist against men!!!!

cityB said...

My sympathy is still with the men - it's not THEIR fault their breath smells.