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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Outfit grids

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are my answer to my conference trauma.
They were invented by me and Dr Joolz as a form of quality control in order to ensure the students had continuity of outfit and reliably good dress co-odination on this marvellous course.
(Actually this course will only run from this October but I am giving it a plug because it is so so good).
The grid went like this:
Dr Joolz
nice green cardi
Very nice skirt
matching green
necklace and earrings

nice red cardi
Hobbs red skirt
crystal thingy

amazingly nice Karen Millen cardi
astonishingly nice new skirt
bright pink jewellery

You get the idea?
I have not done me as I am never as good as Dr J.

So my idea with my conference horror is to do the same thing.
Rather than look this horrible programme, I will paste over BLANK sheets of paper and in the spaces put what I intend to wear.

Then I don't even need to READ it.
So Thursday the 6th April will read:
White shirt with frills plus blue bustle skirt.

The afternoon session will read:
Same plus cardi

Dress which is on my blog with 1960's swirly top bit.
My conference horror is over.
I can also play dress up. Here and here are some sites where you can do it too.


cityB said...

That sounds like a very good idea. i would like to hear a bit more about what you plan to wear though, Dr. K. And can we have a picture of the bustle skirt? Since we are on the subject of clothes, I wonder if you could help me with what I can wear to look stylish at work that will fit in my cycling bag (ie I can't wear boots and bulky things but I could leave them at work as long as they are not too nickable). Thanks. CityB.X.

Kate said...

I am so glad you asked this question City B and I will now do an Outfit grid with pictures as you request.
My advice about the work thing is:
a) Ghost stuff. it never creases
b)Paul and Joe do nice skirts which don't crease. They are wool but fine. Also cardis
c) Failing that, Gap do a nice set of spring things. I will RUSH and do some research now in GAP and report back.

Joolz said...

I think that CityB should have a campaign that lockers be provided then she can keep loadsa clothes there.
I agree re Ghost and creases.
Or you could go round with sweaty shorts on.
Back to DrKate. I think that you are doing the right thing in concentrating on clothes and that conference thingy is very hard to read. Just follow Jennifer.