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Sunday, March 05, 2006

small stories

At this wonderful seminar in Milton Keynes I heard about small stories from Alexandra and became very inspired.
Like Dr Joolz and her work on teenage girls' discourse patterns here, she described how teenage girls presented small stories, across different interactions, and returned to them again and again, sometimes reducing them to one-liners.
She and I also talked about non-narratives and withdrawing of narratives, because that is what I talked about.
I was also reminded of small stories when we went here today and watched The Smiths' fans singing Karaoke versions, from diverse countries. They were hilarious but also moving.
I realised these were small stories, dramatic representations and re-enactments, much like Alexandra's teenage girls who told and re-told their stories across interactive chains.
Of Phil Collins' work, the guide said:
His projects are often the culmination of a prolonged period of contact between the artist and the individuals pictured in his work. Dealing with some of the most extreme human situations and experiences – love and death, war and loss - there is also a strong element of humour and energy within Collins's work. Through choreographing seemingly playful scenarios, and inviting his subjects to actively participate in the creative process of representation, Collins’s practice subtly challenges the documentary medium while retaining an incisive political and social dimension.

Here is another small story from Flickr.
If you look this wonderful collection there are loads of them.

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Joolz said...

Aaaaah , now I remember where I know Alexandra from . I got this book out of the library last year: . (2003) (with Jannis Androutsopoulos, eds.) Discourse Constructions of Youth Identities. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins. Hardback 343 pp.

And thank you for even mentioning me. Also there is another really good person at the photographers gallery - I think Andrew Sloth or something like that. Did you see it?

Joolz said...

Actually it is Alec Soth!!

Kate said...

Yes, he was really good - he did those wonderful pictures of Johnny Cash's house.
That doesnt mean to say I will actualy go and SEE Walk the Line Though.

Joolz said...

God I saw it a coupla weeks ago. i loved it. Go see.
I also have seen BRokeback mountain, North Country, and The Truth. Lots of good films about.