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Monday, March 06, 2006

The next generation of gaming part II (Continued from last week's posts by our guest blogger and digital expert)

In my first post on the next generation of gaming I talked about Microsoft's new gaming console th XBox 360.
Now I will talk about Sonys next generation console the Playstation 3.
This console is heading in the same direction as the xbox 360, boasting brilliant graphics, multimedia features, use of HDTVs(high definition TVs) online gaming and loads of memory.
The ps3's graphics are actually supposed to be even better than the xbox 360s, using a new technology called blue ray.
The ps3 is definetly going to be popular because of Sony's huge fanbase from the bestselling ps2 console.
But I don't think this is enough.
All Sony and Microsoft are doing is making games with excellent graphics, that will be expensive to develope, and throwing in a bunch of multimedia features that might overwhelm a new gamer.
But the thing is even with all these cool features it all comes down to gameplay the xbox 360 and the ps3 just won't provide that.
All they are really providing are good graphics.
So, where is the good gameplay going to come from?
I will explain about Nintendo's next generation console in my next and final post.
Thanks for reading and i hope i haven't bored you with my knowledge of games.

(PS I wasn't bored but I didn't understand much of it but it is v. clever Dr Kate)


JP said...

Thank your guest blogger v.much, enjoying his posts.

He might like to check out this techy blog:

There's a history of hand-held gaming he might find interesting.

Dr Kate might find the chocolate xbox 360 more to her taste.

Joolz said...

That's really interesting, this post. I am interested to find out what Nintendo is offering that is so much better than th eothers A crucial question though ... will you be able to play PS2 games on the PS3?

cityB said...

I think the next generation of games is going to be focussed on movement sensitive controls wired to all different parts of the body of the player so that you are wholly involved in the game and not just using your finger tips. Margaret Atwood started it off with her virtual book signings.

Kate said...

thanks for all the comment. dr joolz you can play ps2 games on the ps3 but thats absolutely nothing conpared to what nintendos got to offer and ill be explaining that soon. i like your idea cityb and you are sort of on the right track for nintendo. also thanks for the link jp.

Joolz said...

Fascinating stuff all this and thanks for answering my question... that is a good point about the Margaret Atwood thing CB.