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Friday, March 31, 2006


for San Francisco is hard.
City B has asked about clothes which will not crease and this ofcourse is a major concern. ALso what will the weather be like?
So here, at City B's request, is a selection of possible outfits.
The blue bustle skirt is unavailable as it is at the dry cleaners but meanwhile here is:
1. The black bustle skirt. The original Emily Bronte Yorkshire look this is a wardrobe staple, however, it might be too heavy for the West Coast.

2. I bought this shirt especially for the conference but I not sure what I will wear with it. Advice please.

3. I bought this skirt with Dr Joolz. It is a bit skimpy but very nice.

4. This pink top is pretty. What does it go with?

It is like playing Paperdoll heaven but for real.


cityB said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much Dr Kate. Lots of ideas there. I actually think number 4. could go with number 3 if you then also accessorize in black. However, you could do with a red linen skirt instead of number 1 (take a travel iron) which will be San Francisco weather friendly and will also go with number 2.

Kate said...

So helpful City B.
I will make a chart.

Joolz said...

I definitely think CityB is right that the new blouse needs either a deep red or bottle green linen skirt.
You will wear and wear them if only you can find them in time.
My ideal would be to take the black and white skirt and wear it quite a lot with different tops. And the BLUE bustle skirt with different tops too. I think that you need to take PLAIN tops that will match with lots of things.

Kate said...

God this is SOO Useful Dr joolz. I was actually waiting for your experpt advice before I started packing so now I can start.
I will rush upstairs and take out all the things that didn't go with YOUR RULES.
I might have to emergency buy some plain tops at the airport in stressed celeb type fashion thus missing plane and failing to go at all.

Joolz said...

oh no you have to go. Will you get me some papers?