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Friday, March 03, 2006

I am also thinking about

That is the space you are in at any given time, within an ethnographic research project.
Tracking positionality is complex, particularly when you become friends with your informants, translators and everybody, as I tend to do.
One of the difficult things about ethnography is to consider the ways in which you are writing culture.
Working with Steve on the paddle project, I am thinking about the authentic object - the paddle Steve want to carry around Sheffield, described here, is also an ethnographic object.
There are some more ethnographic paddles here.
In taking it around Sheffield, he is changing its use.
He might even have to make another paddle, just to use it properly.
How do I describe this project?
As narrative?
I'm off.
I have to paddle to Milton Keynes, obviously I will canoe there.


JP said...

A museum for you:

Digigran said...

How is Steve 'carrying his paddle' around Sheffield? Perhaps a more interesting idea would be to see how far he could paddle in and around Sheffield- after all two rivers run throught it - the Don and the Sheaf. Was he going to take it into pubs, or parks, or boating lakes? I think I need more information- or am I just being too literal? I do think your focus on positionality is key to understanding ethnogrsphies though. When does an outsider perspective become transformed to insider knowledge? When do projects end? These are the things I am thinking about.

Joolz said...

Yes interesting to think about positionality here; how do you know when it mives to autoethnographic?

Kate said...

Thank-you Digigran and Dr Joolz.
Actually Kheadeegha and I presented all about positionality and ethnography and narratives on Saturday.
Khadeegha was wonderful and is now a star.

Joolz said...

Am not at all surprised Kheaddeegha is a star. Did her babies go too?

Kate said...

They did not. But she (and I) did wow the audience with our talks of Friendship as Method and messy ethnography.
Oh yes.