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Sunday, March 26, 2006


is everything.
See here.
My paper is emerging as being about how children's identites as realised in their multimodal texts are embedded within the specifics of place.
However, their texts are also also about the in-between spaces, movement and crossings.
structure 2
Pia Christiansen writes in this book how
...children interwove their personal biography and social relationships with the exploration, use and mastering of place. They saw generational relationships and conflicts as played out in part through the differentiation of places according to their use by different generations.
(Christiansen 2003:15).

She argues drawing on Geertz who said that 'No one lives in the world in general' and Casey, that
To live is to live locally and to know is first of all to know the places one is in.
(Casey 1996:18).

By focusing on the relationship between identity and place, I can tease how out the children's anchored identities reside in the local in the specifics of place (My home, my school, my Barnsley) but also in transient concepts of spatiality (Scarecrow Tig).
You see I am getting there.
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