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Thursday, March 23, 2006

pebbles on a beach

Trying to write my paper is hard.
Today I have seen one student, been on one dog walk with one friend, went to lunch with another, read the paper, watered the plants
and also sent keen emails to people unnecessarily
all because I am blocked about writing my paper for AERA.
One of the problems in the lens.

I could look at my data close up and describe it through my fingers like this.

Or far away and misty like this with lots of wonderful over arching theoretical ideas to make everyone sit up and notice.

Or with a rich thick description with lots of textual stuff like this.

Ideally I would have all of this and more, with a final closing epiphany at the end.
I am ever hopeful.


Joolz said...

You poor thing. It is hard to do writingy stuff.

Digigran said...

Oh Kate
It is hard to get going sometimes- but just think of all the treats ahead. Everybody, but everybody is going to L.A. Except for me of course- beginning to feel a little Cinderella-ish. I'm even blocked on writing my BLOG! So just keep as one of my tutors once told me the arse firmly applied to the stool and the pen to the paper- now amended to fingers on keypad. Whatever you write will be fascinating- send it me to read when you get going.

Kate said...

Thanks both for your kind words.
I did my first draft at 4.30 this afternoon coming back from Sheffield but the new Ipod blasting Kate Bush and Franz Ferdinand helped alot.
I might send it to you both.

Joolz said...

@ DrKate, yes please do send.
@digigran I am not going either boo hoo.