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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The next generation of gaming part III

In my last two posts I talked about Microsoft and Sony's next generation home consoles,
and now it is finally time for me to talk about Nintendo's,
codenamed The Nintendo Revolution.
This console, I think
will offer the real experience of next generation gaming,
not graphics or cool extras, new and innovative gaming.
To make this possible, Nintendo have created a new revolutionary controller.
This controller looks like a sort of TV remote with a sleek white design like an iPod. It is 3D motion sensitive.
This means that we will be able to control and manipulate games like never before. It sensors all directions, forwards, backwards, left, right, up, down. It also sensors tilting.
This is made possible by sensors that are easily placed on each side of the television. there is also a small slot on the bottom of it to add on attatchments, like an control stick, which will come with it, a normall controller shell wich the revolution controller can slot into, or something like a steering wheel or a pretend gun.

The gaming will be amazing, for example if you were playing a first-person perspective shooting game, you would use the control stick attatchment to move your character around, use the controller to look around and aim, and use a trigger like button on the back to shoot.
It would make the game seem extremely real. Antother way would be a adventure swordfighting game, whereyou would control your character with the stick, and use the actual controller as a sword, and you could trigger it to do other things like changing the camera angle, just by the click of another button. Or if you were playing a racing game, you would turn the controller on its side and use it like a steering wheel, it would be so fun. Tennis games, baseball games, fishing games, platform games, even cooking games would be made so much better.
The list of possibilities is endless.
Although Nintendo will be providing amazing gameplay, they won't be providing as amazing graphics as microsoft or sony will be, and they wont be supporting HDTVs either, so on a HDTV you will see quite a difference between the consoles, although on a normal TV you won't.

This is actually good because games for it will cost less to make, and the console and games will be much cheaper.
The Nintendo revolution will have great quality free online play, and a dvd player built into it.
Also the revolution will be very small easy to carry around. It is the size of 3 dvd cases stackd on top of eachother.
I hope this post hasn't bored you and thank-you for reading this and all my previous posts.
(this was the best one ever Dr Kate)


Joolz said...

This is an extremely exciting post and I for one would like to watch someone play on all the different games you describe. So, do I get this right, you attach the new Nintendo to a tv, but not an HDTV ( I know what an HDTV is as my boy told me.)

And people will have to choose between amazing graphics or amazing controls.
Myaybe DrKate can research games and buy you all the different types to try. What a good idea.

Kate said...

Thanks for reading my post Dr Joolz. I think the new nintendo can connect to a HDTV, but you wont get HD quality, but this doesnt really matter because not many people have HDTVs because they are very expensive. Also i think that is a very good idea about buying them all.

Kate said...

It is good I have a guest blog writer as I don't actually udnerstand much of it but it is v. interesting.

CareerAndMoney.Com said...
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cityB said...

Looks like you just got a rogue blogger. I had one once. Dr Joolz knows how to get rid of them.
Thanks for the Nintendo info.
I like the idea of the stick as the sword - that's nearly like my idea of being wired up so your actual movements are reflected in those of the character on screen.

Joolz said...

Oh I see now anout the hdtv thingie.
I really want to have a go at one of these games consoles but feel in my heart I will be so CRAP at them. I had a go once and I just drove into all the walls and kept dying after five seconds. It was very dismal so now I just lie on my son's bed and watch him play on stuff (if he lets me.)

Kate said...

thats the thing, nintendo are now creating something that will be usable by everyone, like people who have been playing games for ages, and people who think they are hopeless at it. that is why this console might be so succesful because it will introduce so many new ways of gaming that suit any gamer.