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Monday, March 13, 2006

desirable objects

Over here they are asking people to choose the most desirable objects in the Doncaster Museum.
It is always good to CHOOSE things and ofcourse I want to choose mine but my pictures are all of Rotherham (my current obsessive research space) so this is mine.
I like the way it is both a basket and a china object and I want it in my kitchen.

But it got me thinking about how much we like choosing objects.
Is it because like every women's magazine reader, my mind always goes to the new 'Must Have' purchase?
Desirable objects in museums are still desirable.
Not being able to buy them is a tad disappointing but acceptable.

On Sunday we went here to see the Tate Triennial which was full of random but interesting objects, and then we went to The Rocket Gallery in the Tea Building in Shoreditch which was so breathtakingly cool we thought we were in a new and unusual film set in New York starring abstract art.
We walked into a kind of warehouse with real trucks and found a gallery space tucked in the corner.
But then we realised the pictures were for sale and the whole thing was an art show and we could buy them.
A man in a tiny office looked at us and suddenly there was a bookshop too and yes you could buy more stuff.
I have realised this is why my favourite place in any museum is the museum shop because yes, you can walk away with an object even if it is just a notebook.


Joolz said...

School trips are partly to balame as you always were allowed to take 20p to buy something from the giftshop.
I went to the Commonwealth Institute (sadly knocked down) and took sixpence (old money) but it was not enough to buy anything.

(I got tzums on my word verification)

Kate said...

I always have to eat crisps during museum visits because that is what you ate in the back of the coach.