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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lucky Bleaders

That's you.
Blog readers are called bleaders according to this source.
I read this on the boat this morning, as we pulled out from Port Ellen.
Actually lucky bleaders is us.
Here are a few of our holiday snaps.

Obviously boiling.

Anna and I sometimes drank whisky on the beach.

I swam in the sea.
Now we are here.
Luckily it is my birthday today so I have an excuse.


Joolz said...

Do you have a headache DrKate? Or is it a hangover?
I am not sure I am happy about being a bleader but I guess it is just good to have recognition.
Where have all the bleaders gone in fact?
I have not had any for a long while. Anya is so immersed in SL that she cannot read blogs anymore Ifear.

Kate said...

The bleaders have gone but we carry on blogging.
Luckily Anna gave me a hip flask so I can drink whisky AT ANY TIME.