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Saturday, June 10, 2006


all those who have survived Science, History, English Maths GCSE this week plus the parents (it was so hard and such a long week),
and also those who survived this afternoon's non-world cup watching experience.
The streets were strangely deserted, leaving lots of time and space for those who wished for peace and quiet.
As I promised, this blog offers a world-cup free space with lots of interesting activities suggested instead of TWC, including:
Playing The movies game (Barney is playing it now v. g.)
Catching up on Bridget Jones (She is having her baby -so exciting catch up here)
Watching Walk the Line (popular with Dr Joolz) with the curtains closed
Becoming a textile designer (why not? All that free time, so creative?)
The list is endless.


Joolz said...

that movies game thing looks good fun if you have a spare few days...

Kate said...

The movies when made are v. funny to watch.