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Monday, June 12, 2006


are sometimes welcome sometimes not.
Last week it was pigeons in the exam hall.
This week it was the extreme heat.
Dr Joolz has some wonderful pictures of women in Sheffield enjoying the heat.
I have been thinking about the role of blogs in my life and I think they act very much as a distraction.
Is this good or bad?
I think mostly good, as they are a way of enjoying digital practices and play which is what this blog and seminar series is all about.
ALso, distraction slides into work, as with my reflection on Vic's blog that we turn our interest in customizing into research.
Doodling is a wonderful form of distraction.
This is Molly's computer doodle.
Likewise Dr Joolz and allotments.
In fact, I think distraction is a very creative activity and is probably where our best ideas come from.


Joolz said...

I seriously do think you can be mre creative if you do not work all the time.

guy said...

Let's hear it for distraction and blending!!!Why should we be confined to narrow lives and narrow descriptions of our work?

Kate said...

Perhaps we should do a research project on academics as blended learning.
We could study ourselves in out of work contexts and see what we do.
However, we would still not be forced to watch the World Cup.