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Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose shoes

Is the name of a blog I am involved with. Go here to experience its true zaniness.
Hilda will love it.
What I like about it, is that Year 8 pupils are recording their experiences of shoes and narratives, and music and sport have come up as key issues.
This reminds me of the museum shoes at Clifton Park
and the record player.

We might be able to use these for our exhibition but we could put in more stuff as well.
What should we include?


Joolz said...

I think cookery books are good.
And handbags with great big clasps. Preferably white.

Mary Plain said...

yes, cookery books- when I look back at my collection there are some real echoes of the way things were when I started to cook and they remind me of how we used to eat at different times in our lives. I love to use my granny's handwritten recipes for things like Christmas cake..

Hilda said...

I like hats especially in the summer. They are also good in winter to keep your ears warm! Or how about candles - I have collections from every country I have visited.